Thanks to the search function of Google or other internet browsers, you can easily search “where to sell my car” and be provided millions of search results. However, in this technological age, criminals can easily commit fraud and scam you out of your money when you are looking to sell your scrap car, used car, or unwanted car.

That is why you should visit our website WeBuyYourCars, we are a trustworthy and efficient buyer of unwanted cars, damaged cars, or used cars in Victoria.

With a surge of scammers hitting hard at innocent people selling their property online or offline, there has been more stigma and distrust on the internet. However, rest assured with WeBuyYourCars. Not only are we fully licensed and a certified company but we are also fully insured, meaning that we are a legitimate company and are more than willing to help you out with scrapping your car.

Our process is simple, call us at 0492 – 839 – 167 and answer a few simple questions regarding your car’s condition so that we can make an accurate and fair offer to you. If you like our offer then all you have to do is accept it and we will pay you. After we have done that all we do is tow your car away. We will never directly drive off with it as some scammers do and we will never ask for any personal information unless it is an address that we require to come to tow your car away. Any personal information scammers may ask can be used for identity theft. We, however, will simply ask for your car’s condition.

How much do you get for scrapping your car?

A vehicle’s condition and model are the main contributing factors towards how much money you will receive. Rest assured that our services are completely free and there are no hidden costs. The money you receive will be from our assessment of your car’s condition which is not only quality but guaranteed to give you a satisfying return. Hence, when it comes to scrap cars or unwanted cars it is best to call us and get an accurate assessment of your car’s condition from licensed and certified professionals., rather than meeting up with a stranger.


Selling an unwanted car or trying to make money by scrapping your car can be a bit of a headache with the surge of scammers and the inability to get a satisfying amount for your car.

That is why WeBuyYourCars is who you should rely on. Not only are our service, efficient, quick, and reliable, but we are also fair and diligent in our assessment of your car’s condition. Call us now and see how we can help you today.