More and more people believe that a car is a good investment, owning a car can greatly facilitate your life. But cars get old and worn out, and if you just leave your old car in the garage or on the side of the road, it not only takes up space, but the value is also depreciating. The best solution is to contact WeBuyYourCars. If you are not familiar with the used car selling process, it is a good time to learn, these are the 5 questions you must ask before you sell your car:

Is the price of your car reasonable?

The best way to sell a used car in Melbourne is to find a reputable used car buyer. Different used car buyer offers different prices. Some car buyers just want to do one-time business, so they don’t offer a good price. The best way to get the right price is to ask a reputable buyer such as WeBuyYourCars. In the meantime, check Car Sales, Google, Facebook etc., more directly, ask friends and family for their opinions.
Used car buyers generally accept different types of vehicles in different conditions. If your vehicle is in poor condition, it may be the best choice to sell it to a professional unwanted car buyer, so that you can avoid having to spend too much on maintenance and RWC.

What is the process of the scrapped car, used car selling?

Once you find a reliable car wrecker, everything will be easy. Typically, the car wrecker will ask you for information about the vehicle, and you can get an immediate quote. If you choose to accept the quote, someone will immediately schedule a time to pick up the car, and you will receive the money with both hands. The whole process is quick and easy and can be done in a day! If your car wrecker asks you to do additional car inspection, car wash, or any other items, you can immediately contact ,WeBuyYourCars, we will always stand from the customer’s perspective, to provide the most convenient and friendly service!

Do I need to provide ID and ownership when selling a scrapping car?

The answer is Yes. Generally, to sell used cars, you need to do the Roadworthy Certificate by yourself (be very careful in this step, as some greedy garage will charge you a high price for it), and then you need to fill in the application form for car ownership transfer before you can sell the car. But in a professional used car buyer, you only need to provide a photo ID and title of ownership, we will take care rest of the things.

Does the wrecker you choose have a good reputation?

Before you turn your car into a car wrecker, you need to make sure that he has the license. The Victorian government requires that all car trader engaged in vehicle buying and selling have the license to ensure that you have legal rights in the process of selling used cars. If your car wrecker does not, you need to consider that there may be people trying to make a profit or engaging in illegal business activities.
The quickest and easiest way to check the company is to check its ABN number, and you can also know if it is a trusted used car buyer from its Google review.

Will I get my member plate back when sold my old car?

Usually, the car wrecker will return your number plate when they take your vehicle away, it is also best for you to cancel the registration yourself. You can go directly to the VicRoads website to cancel the number plate, it usually takes 4 working days to process, the rest of the registration fee will return to you. a friendly reminder, do not forget to cancel the car insurance.

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