If you are considering selling your car then an important question to ask yourself is how you are going to sell your car. Although selling your car privately will usually give you the highest profits than selling to a dealer. However, the process of selling your car privately is not only time consuming, draining and leave you with more stress and risks. If you are adamant on wanting to sell your car online, then you may probably encounter the following risks which you should consider.

Time Consuming

Firstly, you will need to spend a lot of time publishing information about selling cars on various platforms and it is most likely that it will be a waste of time on indecisive people who are not sure about buying a car. Take this as an example, you will need to take a lot of photos of your car, make an attractive advertisement and find a suitable platform to post your information. Moreover, when people do not want to buy your vehicle, you will have to spend time convincing them on the condition and providing detailed information of your vehicle to them. The most annoying case is when these indecisive individuals deceive you in some manner. They might promise to buy your car and cancel on you last minute, losing your chance on an actual potential customer who you declined.

Being Harmed by Buyers

Although being injured by buyers is relatively rare when selling your car privately, there have been incidences that have occurred. On the 30th June 2017 a man in Lafayette sold his car online. Two men pretended to be the “buyers” and robbed his car then shot him in the head and fled. Serious problems like these rarely happen but no one wants to be a victim. So you need to be adequately prepared to face this potential danger.

False Payments

There are always many ways for scammers to deceive you and get away with your car scot-free. The biggest contributor of these scammers is false payments. Usually, people think that cash may be the safest payment method, but banknotes can easily be counterfeits and the same can be said for cheques. Money through wire transfers, PayPal and any other online payment can become schemes and forged by scammers. Scammers are becoming smarter and more tech savvy in this period of technological advancement, causing their ability to scam others much more frightening. If you become subjected as a victim of payment fraud, there is unfortunately nothing that can be done. There is no institute or guarantee that the scammer will be found, so please pay attention to the risks of fraudulent payments and learn how to prevent yourself from being another victim of scams.

How do you solve the risk of selling your car privately?

You have obviously read the risks mentioned above regarding selling your car privately and why it may not be the best option. From being time consuming, publishing advertisements, processing queries, and scam, the preparation in selling your car privately might not be that appealing to you. Obviously you can proceed to sell your car privately but you will need to adequately prepare for any possible dangers that you will be subjected to.

Alternatively, rather than understanding all the risks you can avoid them all by selling your car to a fair and transparent dealer which is what Webuyyourcars can provide you with. We provide used car recycling services, and our professional evaluators will conduct a thorough inspection of your car and conduct market research to provide a competitive quote. Our quotes are usually much higher than those provided by many other dealers. We have already done thousands of transactions and are very professional in the entire process and can assist you in the transaction effectively and efficiently.

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